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mendham NJ baby photographer

Mendham NJ Baby Photographer

I was so happy as a Mendham NJ Baby Photographer during this session. My nephew and his beautiful wife have welcomed baby girl Mia Wilhelmina to the family and I was honored to photographer her sweet face. Mia is the first girl in our family in 23 years and her middle name honors my grandma so it was an extra special photo shoot.

Styling Baby Session

As a Mendham NJ Baby Photographer I get to play with tons of colors, props and set ups. My creativity was unleashed during this session since Mariana told me to do whatever I want to do. I had so many set ups ready for Mia, hoping she will sleep long enough to do them all. The perk of having a Mendham NJ Baby Photographer in the family is that you can come back anytime you want and get more photos !

Mariana is originally from Ukraine so we decided to honor her heritage and photograph Mia on yellow blanket with blue accents. Love how all Mia’s images turned out and I am sure I will get a chance to photograph this little cute plenty of times in the future.

Infant Photo Shoot

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Mendham NJ Baby Photographer

mendham NJ baby photographer

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