Bronx NY Newborn Photographer

NYC newborn photographer

Bronx NY Newborn Photographer

I feel so honored to be chosen as Sarah’s NY newborn photographer and get to know her and her sweet parents. I always appreciate when clients look beyond the distance they have to travel to my studio. Instead they focus on the professional experience they will receive during their newborn photography session. They value a quality of the images they will get to cherish for generations.

Sweet Girly Photo Session

Nathaly, Joe and Sarah came to see me in August. Mommy had requested pink and creams as the main colors for the session to keep it sweet and girly just like little Sarah. I also wanted to incorporate a moon prop I recently bought from Rozzi Rayne Studios.  I’ve decided to create a sky and stars set up for Sarah. I love how it turned out and since I posted the photo , a lot of new families had requested the same set up fir their babies. To make the session even more sweeter and special I have created 2 digital composites for Joe and Nathaly. Both are very feminine and whimsical and both parents loved them. I love surprising parents with new composites, something they didn’t expect. It’s a special treat 🙂

NYC Baby Photo Session

If you live in NYC and worry about traveling to NJ for a photo session, I understand. It really depends on your comfort level but if you decide to take a scenic trip to Hunterdon County, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I have clients traveling to see me from PA, NY, CT and all over NJ. Since all the sessions are scheduled for 10am ,traffic is never an issue. I am conveniently located off a major NJ highway so you don’t have to worry about being lost in the middle of nowhere. A lot of parents tell me the ride is actually quiet relaxing since babies tend to just snooze away in the car 🙂

If you would like more information about my newborn photography sessions please Contact me HERE

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