Connecticut Newborn Photography Session

Connecticut Newborn Photography Session

I first met this family 2 years ago when Mom and Dad welcomed their first child, their daughter Anya. I loved meeting them and photographing their little one then. When I heard that they were expecting again I was really excited. The family since moved to Connecticut but Laura decided to make the trip anyway.  I am so glad she made that decision because it was such a joy to see them again and meet their little addition, Harrison .

Newborn Photo Shoot Central NJ

Since mom wanted something neutrals with mustard, greens and greys , we incorporated a lot of those tones into Harrison’s newborn photos.    But of course, a little boy’s photo gallery wouldn’t be complete without some fun digital composites as well. Since Harrison was born in the in September I decided to use a fall set up digital backdrop. I love how it turned out. Harrison surely is the cutest pumpkin!

As sleepy as he was, Harrison had moments where he was alert and expressive. It was so fun to capture some photos of his beautiful big eyes. Most babies do not hold eye contact but Harrison was all into staring at the camera and even making kissy faces. Such a little flirt 🙂

Sweet Sibling Photos

Any time a new baby comes into a family with other siblings, one of the top priorities for their newborn photo session is to create portraits with the siblings together. While Anya wasn’t it the mood to pose with her little brother , we did create a composite of her sitting next to the bucket with Harrison in it. I asked her to sit next to the empty bucket while mom and dad entertained her behind my back. I took few photos and then I was able to composite them with Harrison’s bucket photos. As a result we got a perfect sibling photo 🙂

Booking a Newborn Session

If you are thinking of booking your very own (Connecticut) Newborn Photography Session please reach out soon. I do book up few months in advance and would not want for you to miss a spot. Contact me HERE , would love to meet you and your baby .

Connecticut Newborn Photography SessionConnecticut Newborn Photography SessionConnecticut Newborn Photography SessionConnecticut Newborn Photography Session

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