Stunning Baby Photography Flemington NJ

flemington nj newborn baby sleeping in a small bed lavender flowers

Baby Photography Flemington NJ

Looking for Baby Photography Flemington NJ? Yellow Lollipop Photography studio is located less than twenty minutes away, making it the perfect place for baby photography in and around New Jersey. I offer newborn, children’s, maternity, and family pictures. Newborn photography is one of my passions!

Madeline’s Baby Photography Session

Anna brought baby Madeline to the studio early last month for newborn pictures. I was the baby photographer for Madeline’s cousin, which is how Anna found out about my photography services. Like her sister-in-law, Anna wanted to use some of these images for birth announcements. Since she was sharing them with many of the same people, we tried to use different themes and colors than we had done before. Mom initially chose whites, pinks, and neutrals for this baby photography session.

She also told me that they had decorated their house in a rustic farmhouse style. I shared a couple of ideas with her based on that. Since she was open to suggestions, we tried a couple, and they turned out great! A touch of fun and whimsy is central to my style, and I love to incorporate color. By adding some rustic pots and buckets and a shabby chic bed we achieved the perfect farmhouse touch. Because too many hard edges can look harsh, we softened the textures with lots of fluffy materials. Madeline looks very comfortable! I am so happy with how this Baby Photography Flemington NJ turned out.

Yellow Lollipop Photography Review

After the session Anna had left me this beautiful review. Thank you so much !

“I’ve been admiring Aneta’s photos for several years as they are displayed in my OB’s office. One of my biggest regrets after my 2nd child was born was not getting professional newborn photos taken. One may think they can stage a similar setting or use general photography services but the end result will not be the same. When I became pregnant with my 3rd and only girl, I knew I had do it. My niece was photographed just weeks before my little ones arrival and the pictures were stunning.

The photoshoot itself was such a pleasant and effortless experience especially postpartum. All I had to do was simply show up. For a working mom with 3 children busy managing life and a stressful job (while not on maternity leave) it was amazing to have someone take care of it all, be such an expert in their field and be so warm and loving to my days old daughter.

We are enamored with the photos (art) Aneta created and highly recommend treating yourself and new family to such a wonderful gift. You will be so happy that you did.”

Flemington NJ Baby Photographer

Whatever style you’re looking for in a baby photography Flemington NJ session, I’m happy to help! Please get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for. I have tons of experience in both photography and newborn posing and safety. If you’d like to learn more about what I can offer, you can read more here. I would love to see you and your little one in my studio!

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