Somerset county NJ Milestone Photo Sessions

Somerset county NJ Milestone photo sessions

By now, you are most likely wondering how your little baby looks so different from those newborn photos. You might even be planning for the big one-year photo shoot! But somewhere in between those two amazing sessions is another important milestone – pictures of your baby sitting on his or her own!

The sitter session is a very underrated and overlooked session. Babies usually start to sit up on their own around 6 months, so this session is timed perfectly with another important milestone in their life, their half birthday. During this session, I love to get creative and have fun with my clients. At your baby’s sitter session, I can photograph them in several different outfits with various props. This means you can have formal pictures to hang in your living room, as well as fun ones for the nursery or playroom!

Sitter Sessions

Around the time when babies are sitting up on their own, they are also very aware of their surroundings. They tend to know what makes them happy and like to show it off! Sitting up on their own is something that babies love to do. They will usually grin from ear to ear and make cute cooing noises when they have mastered this task! Your baby probably has a giant toothless grin right about now. Or maybe he or she has one or two little teeth poking through. They melt your heart with those big, round eyes. This is a perfect time to capture the adorableness of your not-so-little baby.

Your little one is probably not scared of strangers yet and still in the “smiling at everyone” phase, which makes for great pictures! They won’t see me as someone scary, but someone they want to smile at and connect with.

Also, when babies first start sitting, they generally won’t be mobile yet. This means we don’t have to worry about them crawling around or being on the move, so we won’t have to chase them to get a picture.

This session is not as long as the newborn one either, so there is less chance of them becoming cranky. If you would like to schedule your sitter session or if you have any further questions, please email me at or call Aneta at 908-566-5069.

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