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Sharing the News

With social media, it takes seconds for the entire world to know your business. This certainly makes sharing exciting news easy! However, some people still prefer to share their big news in person so they can see everyone’s reaction. I recently learned how some of my clients shared their pregnancy announcements with their families. I have to say, the creativity was not lacking! From t-shirts to promotions, here are a few of my favorites:

In-Person Reveal

One of my clients, Caroline, told me that she wore a t-shirt on Thanksgiving that said, “The turkey isn’t the only thing in the oven.” What a clever way to announce to multiple people at once! She said most people got it right away, though some checked the oven to see what other delicious side dish might be accompanying the turkey. 🙂

Another client, Johanna, also announced on Thanksgiving. She wore a shirt that said “This Thanksgiving, I’m eating for two.” Her sister-in-law was the first to notice, but it took her 15 minutes!

Eileen had a unique way of telling her grandmother she was pregnant. She brought flowers to her grandmother’s house and congratulated her on her recent promotion. Her grandmother was confused and asked what she meant. Eileen told her she was being promoted from grandma to great grandma. Grandma was so shocked and then asked who was pregnant!

One of the most original announcements came from Heather. She actually got a real penguin walk out during her son’s birthday party, with a cape that said they were expecting anther baby! How cool is that?!

Social Media Reveal

Some clients chose to announce to their close family and friends in person, during birthday parties or holiday gatherings, and then announce to their “social media friends” in unique ways. Beth decided to incorporate pumpkins into their social media announcements. My client Sabrina had photos taken next to the street sign “Bump ahead.” I recently saw an announcement where a dog was in a picture with an ultrasound. The caption said “My mom & dad are getting me a human! August 2017!” Other clients have incorporated older siblings into the photos. These could include a shirt that says they are going to be a big brother/sister, or that a new little brother/sister is coming.

No matter what Pregnancy Announcements you choose, whether in person or on social media, funny or serious, enjoy sharing your exciting news! If you would like me to photograph a pregnancy announcement for you, or to get a jump start to schedule your maternity and /or newborn session, please email me at or call Aneta at 908-566-5069.

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