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Booking a Baby Photographer

When Johanna gave birth to baby Eva, she realized that booking a Lebanon NJ Baby Photographer slipped her mind.  During pregnancy, women do tend to concentrate on getting ready for the baby, but it’s usually in different terms. Setting up a nursery, buying all the clothes and little gadgets, and dreaming about the day when they get to hold and kiss their baby. It can be hard to remember to book a photographer ahead of time. Luckily for Johanna, I had a last minute reschedule and was able to get her in my studio when little Eva turned 4 weeks old.  Since Eva was born before her due date I was pretty confident she would be a sleepy and calm baby. I was right 🙂 Although the ideal time to photograph a newborn is between 5-14 days old, I would never turn away a baby simply because of being too old. There are many reasons why people can’t get to the photographer right away. I will always take them in if my schedule allows. Everyone deserves beautiful photos of their baby, no matter how old the baby is.

Eva’s Baby Photography Session

Little Eva was just so precious: tiny and perfectly squishable. Preemies are usually very mellow and laid back babies. She was no different.  Johanna requested a neutral set up with a vintage look. I  decided to go with some peach, ivory, and lace. I also incorporated some pink. No baby girl’s session is complete without a touch of pink! I always encourage my clients to bring personal props to the session. Johanna and Mike, being huge fans of PSU football, brought the whole outfit and accessories for little Eva. I was told that Eva has no choice but to be a PSU Nittany Lions fan in the future: ) I believe it! She looked so sweet and content in her white and navy blue outfit so I don’t think she’ll have a problem with loving the team.

Congratulations to Johanna and Mike on your beautiful new addition!

Lebanon NJ baby PhotographerLebanon NJ baby PhotographerLebanon NJ baby PhotographerLebanon NJ baby PhotographerIf you are expecting and would like to book a session with Lebanon NJ baby Photographer, please contact Aneta at 908-566-5069 and I will be happy to help.





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