Twin Newborn Session Hunterdon County

Session Planning

Jaime booked her twin newborn session Hunterdon county back in January. When then girls were born before her 30th week, we knew that we would have to wait a while longer. The girls needed to be stronger to go home and then they could visit me for their twin newborn session. Twin sessions are a bit harder to schedule since the full term of pregnancy is not the typical 40 weeks but more 38 weeks. Often they decide to arrive even earlier and then need some time in the NICU to gain their strength and weight. Although I schedule all my newborn sessions based on the due date, I do allow some free time in my schedule in case we need to move our session date around.

Twin Newborn Session

When Jaime and the girls arrived in my studio for their twin newborn session, I could not believe that these two cuties were preemies.  They were were just perfect little chubby babies , so adorable and cute. We started with the sleepy one first. Mom said that she is way more relaxed and easy going than her sister. Jaime had requested a lavender and mint color scheme. As luck would have it, I had the same beautiful fabric in both colors. I love lacy fabrics for little girls and buy those fabrics every chance I get.

I posed each of the girls both with lavender and teal. Then I set up a girly pink fabric for the shot of the two of them together. Shots like that are not easy, especially since the girls were not completely asleep. At first I didn’t think they were going to let us do the pose but eventually they settled in and rocked it! Next was a basket set up, with both girls wearing coordinating bear bonnets from Lavender Bloosoms (my favorites!) Since we were nearing the end of the session and we wanted to capture the girls with their big sister (who I photographed when she was a newborn), I swaddled them up so they would stay asleep. Babies love to be swaddled and they always fall asleep for me.

Sibling shots, especially with toddlers (19 months in this case) can be very tricky. Toddlers are just bigger babies themselves and it’s hard to pose them in a way that is safe for both them and the newborns. I never let toddlers hold the babies but rather position them in a way where they can be close to them without actually holding them. Laying them down on the rug and putting the baby (or in this case 2 babies) next to them is my favorite pose for sibling shots.

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I really had fun photographing this twin newborn session (Hunterdon county). If you’re expecting twins, triplets or a single little one please reach out to discuss your session details. Aneta 908-566-5069


Twin Newborn Session Hunterdon County

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