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Vienna’s Newborn Session

As a Flemington NJ baby photographer, I get to meet a lot of babies and their families, but this family was over the top gorgeous! Mom and Dad, adorable big sister Amelia, and little Vienna–they were all any photographer’s dream. I could have taken their photos all day long if they would let me 🙂 Vienna was such a great baby! Although she did not want to sleep at first, I cuddled and rocked her for few minutes and she drifted off.

Audra (mommy) had asked for pinks and floral set ups so I made sure I included not only my rose fabric but a flower wreath as well. I always set up three different colors and accessorize each with different wraps, hats, headbands, etc. I want everything to have a similar feeling. Consistency and quality are one of the most important assets that newborn clients should look for in their photographer.

Vienna had such a beautiful skin tone that she rocked every single color I selected for her. I think my favorite was the peach one. Then again, I am obsessed with peach lately!

Family Members in Your Newborn Session

I usually do not let toddlers hold the baby during siblings photos. Let’s face it, most kiddos are very quick and unpredictable. I usually select a prop for the baby and let the toddler sit next it to and, if safe, touch or kiss the baby. Amelia was such a great sister, she could not stop kissing little Vienna! It’s amazing to see a bond between sisters being formed right before your eyes.

Audra and Mike decided to be in the photos as well, which is great, since many new parents shy away from the camera. Babies are only little for a short amount of time. In just a few weeks, they will not fit in the palm of your hands anymore. I stress that a lot and I am so glad that Vienna’s mommy and daddy decided to take some photos with their little girls.

Session Review

The photos from this session turned out amazing. I am so happy they all loved the session and the photos! Its so rewarding to get an email like this: ”Thank you!!! I love them so much. We are beyond ecstatic with the images you captured. You truly are amazing!! ”  My job is done 🙂

If you’d like to book your newborn session please email Aneta at lollipopphoto@aol.com. To learn why you should hire me read here.


Flemington NJ baby photographerFlemington NJ baby photographerFlemington NJ baby photographerFlemington NJ baby photographerFlemington NJ baby photographerFlemington NJ baby photographer

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