Dunellen Newborn Photographer

Pre-Session Planning

Laura and Paul stumbled upon my website while searching for a Dunellen Newborn Photographer. Their little boy, Ben, was already born, so they needed an appointment as soon as possible. Luckily, one of ”my” babies was born late and I had a opening. This is usually not the case. I tend to book up well in advance and can’t accommodate most late inquiries. The best time to book your session is when you are in your second trimester. I schedule your session based on the due date. We can always adjust, if needed, once the baby arrives. Booking ahead guarantees you a spot within two weeks from baby’s arrival, so you don’t have to worry about anything after you deliver.

Ben’s Newborn Photography Session

Ben was a lucky boy 🙂 When he arrived in the studio, I fell in love with him right away! He reminded me of my oldest son. Same size, similar facial features, same sweetness about him. Laura had selected yellow, blue, and grey as the set-up colors, which made me incredibly happy. Every time a parent chooses yellow, I jump for joy! Yellow is my favorite color by far. It’s so warm and pretty,and evokes such happiness in people’s hearts. When I first started my business and was looking for a name, yellow came to my mind right away. I wanted to be known as a happy, inviting, fun place to bring your children to be photographed. I think I achieved it with Yellow Lollipop Photography, as I get constant compliments on my business name. I love it and I am glad my clients do as well 🙂

Ben was so good to me the entire session, even at the end when he decided to do some major kicks and stretches. Editing his session and looking over all the photos definitely put a smile on my face. Ben has a huge personality already 🙂

Congratulations Laura and Paul on a beautiful and sweet baby! I hope to see the three of you again soon 🙂

If you are looking for a Dunellen Newborn Photographer please consider Yellow Lollipop Photography.

Dunellen Newborn PhotographerDunellen Newborn PhotographerDunellen Newborn PhotographerDunellen Newborn PhotographerDunellen Newborn Photographer

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