Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County

Fantasy Sessions

I think every little girl and boy would like to be a part of a Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County. There is something so magical and fun about getting dressed up and playing an imaginary role. I give them the chance to be princesses, pirates, mermaids, superheroes…anything they can possibly dream of. Since I’m a kid at heart, I love offering these Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County.  They allow me to use my imagination and ideas to create something beautiful and extraordinary. Seeing the eyes of the children that come to these sessions is the best reward on earth …


A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas from. Honestly, I get inspiration anytime and anywhere! I have a notebook by my computer and each time I think of something cute and original I write it down. I get ideas from books, movies, nature, smells and colors, my kids….There is so much beauty around us! All we have to do is take the time to absorb it!

The Princess and the Pea Children Session

One of my favorite Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County was the Princess and the Pea. I have offered it twice already and every time these sessions were a huge hit. I am planning on doing them again this fall, so if you are interested please contact me to get more information and reserve a date.

Getting ready for these Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County took me a few months,  since I needed to collect six mattresses to stack up. I also needed to purchase some princess accessories and fabric for the bed. I usually have cute outfits available for these sessions to make it easy on my clients. They can look through my inventory and pick whatever dress and accessories they want. It’s as much fun for the moms as it is for the girls 🙂 My little clients love dressing up and playing princess, if only for a short while 🙂

Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County


Fantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon CountyFantasy Children Sessions Hunterdon County


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