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Hello and welcome to Yellow Lollipop Photography, your Hillsborough NJ infant photographer 🙂 I am located just about 20 minutes from Hillsborough in beautiful Whitehouse Station, NJ.  If you’ve lived in New Jersey long enough, you know that everything in the state is about half an hour away 🙂 That’s why I love it here!

Newborn sessions are not only for the baby but for parents and siblings as well. Most of the time parents want a few photos with older siblings to remember the beginning of that special bond they will always share. Working with older siblings can be both a fun and challenging experience. While older children can follow directions and pose more naturally, toddlers can be a bit rambunctious. What we have to remember is the fact that they are babies themselves and can’t perform for us whenever we want them to.

I always try to remind parents: just as much as your life has changed with the birth of your baby, your older child’s life has been altered as well. One minute they’re the only child and have mommy and daddy’s undivided attention 24/7. The next there is this little tiny human everyone is dotting on. It is quite challenging for a 2 or 3 year old. As much as they love their little sibling, they are not sure how to act and what to do. During the session, I always keep that in mind and try to give them individual attention too! I take some photos of them alone, give them some treats, and try to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.

For the sibling shots I always do composites, so there is no issue with baby’s safety. Toddlers are quick and they don’t realize their strength! This is why I always photograph them next to an empty prop, then remove them and put baby in there by themselves. Later on, I combine the two in photoshop for a beautiful sibling photo 🙂

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If you are in search of Hillsborough Infant Photographer please contact me at 908-566-5069.


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