Styled Mini Sessions Central New Jersey

Styled Mini Sessions

If you are interested in styled mini sessions central New Jersey, you have come to the right place 🙂 I am a self proclaimed Queen of theme sessions and I absolutely LOVE them! The whole aspect of creating something unique, amazing, and fun prompts me to offer these pretty regularly. Since I have started my business, I have offered a LOT of these styled sessions. They are always a huge hit. If you’re interested in one of these, I’d advise you to jump on it quickly. People often end up on waiting lists for styled mini sessions since they book up super quickly!

Clients sometimes ask me where I get the ideas for these sessions. I usually come up with an idea by reading a book, watching a movie or hanging out with my kids. When I see what makes them happy and excited I try to incorporate that into a session and build on it.

Vintage Tea Party

One of my favorite, and by far most popular sessions, are my Vintage Tea Parties! I hold them in late May / early June, just when all the weeping willows around my house are nice and full. I often ask for help from good friend and amazing business owner Evey from Evey’s Creations. She is one of the most creative souls I have ever met and always willing to help. Not only does she have a great taste but she is also terrific with kids 🙂  Vintage Tea Parties are super fun for both girls and boys. They get to dress up in a nice outfit, play pretend with real china and just have fun! Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

Vintage Ice Cream

Another one of my favorite styled mini sessions central New Jersey are Vintage Ice Cream sessions. For this one I rented a Vintage Ice Cream truck that came with a real ice cream man and real ice cream! As you can image, it was a huge hit! A time to sit and eat ice cream at 10 am? Count me in! Again, I worked with Evey to create a set up for these so it looks like a 1960’s ice cream parlor. I also advised clients to wear appropriate outfits to go with the theme. These turned out absolutely amazing — judge for yourself! 

Valentine’s Day

One of my recent favorites was a Valentine’s Day styled mini sessions central New Jersey. I had this idea of angels sitting on the clouds and built my whole set up around it. The clouds are made of pillow fluff, and I made a bow and arrow out of sticks from my backyard. I have also purchased quite a few dresses so my clients had a choice of wearing their own or using mine. I like to make it as uncomplicated as possible! Those turned out amazing as well as you can see : 


These are just a few of my styled mini sessions central New Jersey.  I am always thinking about new and fun ways to photograph your children 🙂 If you are interested in learning more and would like to know my upcoming schedule, please email me at

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