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Yellow Lollipop Photography is a Westfield Newborn Photographer located in Whitehouse Station NJ. I visit the Scotch Plains area often as it has amazing restaurants, great stores and places for family fun. Whitehouse Station is about 30 minutes away, which is around the corner in NJ terms 🙂

Scheduling Your Session

Rosie contacted me back in September for her December due date. I schedule all my newborn sessions based on my client’s due date and adjust them, if needed, once the baby arrives. Unless an expecting mama has a scheduled c-section, its impossible to predict when the little one will make its appearance. Since I only book a limited number of sessions per month, reserving your tentative date beforehand guarantees your session. If we need to reschedule it after the baby is born, you are guaranteed to be seen within the first 14 days of baby’s life. Unfortunately, if you wait too long to secure your session date, I might not have any availability and will have to turn you away (which I really don’t like doing!)

Victoria’s Newborn Photography Session

Rosie ended up delivering her little girl, Victoria, a month early, so we did have to reschedule her session. With Thanksgiving around the corner and tons of Christmas photos to edit, I still managed to fit Rosie in for her session. If she had not pre-booked her session, I would have had to regretfully decline. Moral of the story? Expecting mamas, book your newborn sessions early 🙂 If you are looking for a Scotch Plains Newborn Photographer please call me at 908-566-5069 to discuss your session.

Rosie brought Victoria to the studio along with big sister Sophia and Grandma to help. Victoria was not in the mood to pose that day but we managed to get some amazing photos when she dozed off for a while. Sophia on the other hand was a perfect model! She posed for the camera like a natural, giving me smiles and sweet hugs. She was a great big sister too, kissing baby Victoria and making sure she was all comfortable. It’s so sweet to see older siblings react like this to the new baby. There is no doubt that Sophia is head over heels in love with her baby sister.

Welcome to the world, Victoria, and congratulations, Rosie, on your beautiful family of four!

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If you are looking for Scotch Plains Newborn Photographer, please contact Yellow Lollipop Photography at lollipopphoto@aol.com

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