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I am sure there are plenty of newborn photographers in the City, but when Tiffany was looking for a NYC baby photographer for her two-month-old son, she was told that her baby was too old for a newborn session. A lot of photographers are very rigid with the ideal time frame as to when to photograph babies. It’s true that about two weeks of age is the best time to do so, since infants are still very sleepy and can curl up in many different poses, but it is never too late to take photographs of your baby! Being a good photographer means being able to adapt to different situations and deliver the best work you are capable of. If a photographer keeps doing the same, comfortable thing all the time, they will never grow as a person or as an artist! Challenges are there for a reason. They make you grow! Personally, I live for them !

Jasper’s Newborn Session – NYC Baby Photographer

Tiffany and her family made the trip to my studio on Friday morning. We followed the typical preparation technique I always use for newborns, to ensure that little Jasper was nice and sleepy when he arrived. Well, Jasper was not sleepy at all, but he was full of smiles! He loved when I talked to him and gave me the cutest giggles and smirks. I had prepared some setups for Jasper and his mommy brought some outfits as well. Bonnets are my favorite accessory for little ones, but when I saw Jasper’s hair, I didn’t want to cover it! His hair was gorgeous, so thick and dark and curly. Amazing! We were able to get tons of shots of Jasper just posing and smiling for the camera. He was a real trooper and so was his family! Thank you, Tiffany, for coming all the way from NYC to see me. I hope you will love your photos as much as I do !


NYC baby photographerNYC baby photographerNYC baby photographerNYC baby photographer

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