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Maternity Sessions What to Wear

What should I wear to my maternity session is by far the most frequently asked question when booking. Your body has changed and it’s hard to find/ pick clothes that work well for you AND the little peanut inside. My biggest piece of advice to keep in mind is this: do not hide your belly! This is your baby’s first photo session and we need to see that little bump.

I am happy to offer maternity gowns to my expecting mommies as part of their maternity session experience. I do have a quiet large inventory of gowns, skirts, tops and accessories and they are available free of charge to all the clients who book their maternity photo shoot. No worries about colors and sizes since most of them are one size fits all and I have a rainbow of colors as well.

Clients who prefer wearing their own clothes are always asked to stay comfortable. Don’t wear something completely out of your comfort zone just to look nice in the photos. I love layers and when possible, I ask a client to pile up some cardigans, jackets, hats, scarfs and other accessories to make the look more unique and fun.
Keeping a current season is mind is important as well. Look outside and try to compliment mother nature. During fall, think mustard, burgundy, plums where pastel pink and blues are perfect for spring. You want to look like you belong in the photo and not like you’ve been photoshoped into it.
Last advice is : have fun 🙂 Treat it like a date with your husband. Cuddle up and enjoy these moments together, go out to dinner after words, make it a day to remember. Soon, there will be 3 (or more ) of you!

To see examples of the gowns I offer, please take a look at the photos below. If you’ve already booked your maternity session and see a gown you’d like to use , please let me know. If you are a new client and would like to book a maternity session , give me a call and we will get you scheduled.

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