Hillsborough NJ Newborn Photographer

I loved every minute of this session! Little Kendall Jane was a dream to work with. From the moment her mommy brought her in to the end of the session , this little peanut did not make a sound . Her skin was perfect and she was so soft and cuddly for me:)Mommy and I had a great conversation about polish food lol  (yes, I am Polish:)and the whole session just flew by. At the end , big sister joined us and I fell in love all over again. I mean , over the top cutest little girl that looked like a tiny cherub with big eyes and white hair – I could take photos of her all day long (I think I will ask Breanne to bring her over again so I can just take million photos of her:)

Photos turned out amazing (if I say so myself ) and I know mommy will have a hard time picking her favorites ! I make it hard for my clients:)

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Readington NJ newborn photography

I specialize in newborn photography and I absolutely love it. Meeting and cuddling with babies is by far the greatest job anyone can ask for. I photograph out of my home studio located in Readington NJ. When I first started I used to travel to client’s homes but I found it to be time consuming and it did not deliver consistent results. Photography is all about the light and unfortunately I could never predict what sort of light will be available at different homes. When I am in my studio I am in complete control of the environment: I have my lights, my heaters are set to a perfect temperature and I have my baby shusher going:)All my props, backdrops and accessories are right at my finger tips in case I need to change the set up . I love it.

Anyhow, I have been taking a little break (well deserved might I say) and trying to concentrate mainly on newborn photography. My heart and my mind are there …

On May 22nd I got a visit from Edward and his mommy Viviane. Edward was a big boy , over 10 lbs of pure sweetness! Unfortunately he was also too alert and curious to close his eyes during the session , at least until I swaddled him for his photos with mommy, daddy and big sister. He felt comfortable in their arms and gave us some nice sleepy poses:)

Congratulations Viviane and the whole family! 


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Raritan NJ Newborn Twins Photographer

How lucky am I to get a chance to photograph not one but two amazing beautiful little girls?! I think every photographer gets a but nervous when getting ready for a twin session. I mean , lets face it- you have to tame 2 tiny human beings all at the same time! Posing newborn twins can be tricky as well since often times one can (and will) wake up the other one and you have to start all over …Well, I am happy to report that I had absolutely no issues with those two cuties! Mia and Sophia were seriously , the sweetest, calmest babies I had in a while. They let me do all the poses and set ups I prepared before the session and we did it all in 3 hours! Winning  :)

Christina and Lou – congratulations to the both of you ! You are blessed beyond belief with 2 amazing , beautiful, sweet and healthy little girls! I can not wait to see you all in few months!



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Hunterdon County Newborn Mini Sessions

I now offer newborn mini sessions in addition to my regular full or deluxe options. There are few reasons behind my decision to do so. I have found that a lot of people just want few photos to use for gifts or birth announcements rather then a complete gallery of baby photos. Some of my clients are also on a budget but still like to have professional pictures of their baby’s first few days of life. Mini newborn sessions are shorter then your average ones, last approximately 1 hour and offer 2 to 3 different set ups with variety of poses and accessories. Because of the time constraints I also limit the session to baby only, no parents or siblings are photographed during these minis. The cost is also significantly lower , which plays a huge role for a lot of my clients.

I have done a handful of these minis already and I have to say that I absolutely love them:)If you’d like to learn more about my newborn minis or if you’d like to book one please contact me .

Here is a little sample of what you can expect from your mini session . Hope you enjoy it !



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Hillsborough Baby Photographer

I first met Jordana when she brought Payton for his Christmas photos, along with few cousins:)Unfortunately Payton wanted nothing to do with me that time . I guess it took a birth of his little brother to make him want to sit and smile in front of my camera. He did amazing!!! He was so gentle and nice with his little brother and we got amazing images of the 2 boys together- just what mommy wanted:)

Congratulations Jordana and family!

Yellow Lollipop Photography specializes in maternity and newborn photography . If you’d like to book a session please call Aneta at 908-566-5069 or send me an email using a contact form above:)


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