Central NJ Children Photographer

Welcome to Yellow Lollipop Photography. I am a Central NJ Children Photographer located in Whitehouse Station, NJ. If you would like to schedule a milestone, birthday or just because session, I would love to assist you. Please call 908-566-5069 or email lollipopphoto@aol.com

I have photographed  Antonia since she was still in her mommy’s belly . She was a perfect newborn and she grew into a beautiful and happy 1 year old ! Every time I see her she has the biggest smiles:)Kristi did not want a cake smash session but rather a traditional birthday portraits. We have decided on a pink set up with lots of gold, pom poms and even a faux cake:)It turned out amazing! As a matter of fact I get people inquiring and requesting the same set up for their own little girls almost every week.

Being a Central NJ Children Photographer I am so honored  to capture those special moments and in process become part of the memories. I am looking forward to photograph Antonia and her family for years to come.


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Hunterdon County Baby Photographer

I am not sure if you guys know but I was chosen as the BEST Hunterdon County Baby Photographer in 2015 by NJ Happening:)How cool is that?! I am extremely proud and thankful to all my clients who took the time to vote for me and let me win ! Its feels good to know that my work is loved and appreciated.

As a Hunterdon County Baby Photographer I get to see and cuddle a lot of babies. Drew was one of them and he was just a perfect newborn. He has decided to come early so we had to move the session date up. This is the reason its so important to schedule your newborn session ahead of time so I can reserve your tentative date and still allow myself enough free time to reschedule it if needed.

I have already sent the gallery to Laura and she replied with this : ” (…) They are gorgeous photos!  You were definitely able to capture his “faces”, so these will be treasured memories to come (…) ” I love when parents fall in love with the photos I take and are able to see the personality of their little one. When I sent the gallery to the parents I do not pick my favorites but instead I let the parents do so. I want them to be completely happy with the selection they make.

If you are looking for a Hunterdon County Baby Photographer please call or send me an email. I will be honored to photograph you and your baby.


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Hackettstown Newborn Photographer

When Dana was looking for Hackettstown Newborn Photographer she called me right away:)You want to know why? Because I did her maternity photos as well ! I had the honor of photographing her little belly few months ago and it was such a pleasure. We have so much in common! Both lived and went to Union High, both lived in Hackettstown, know the same places … I bet her next move will be Whitehouse Station and I would not mind it at all! Love her!

When Teagan was born I was one of the first ones to know. It always makes me fee so special to be one of the first people on the planet to know about the birth of a new baby! How cool is that?! She was such a beautiful little one and so happy too! Teagan was the first and only baby that laughed out loud during the session. I mean, real, belly giggles!!! It was the sweetest sound I have ever heard .

Congratulations this this family of three! I am sure I will see you again soon:)

If you are looking for Hackettstown Newborn Photographer please email me at lollipopphoto@aol.com



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Somerville NJ Baby Photographer

Being a Somerville NJ baby photographer I get the cutest babies ever! There must be something in the water in our area because all those little munchkins that come to my studio are as cute as ever! Liam just proves the point! Such a handsome little man with a head full of hair, just a way I like it. Mommy was a lucky recipient of Yellow Lollipop Photography gift certificate , which by the way is the BEST gift you can give an expectant mom. I mean lets face it, yes, she needs diapers and burp clothes and some cute onsies but all these will be thrown away in a matter of weeks! Photos?! They will be there forever , a constant reminder of you, of your wonderful gift . Trust me when I say this, the mommy to be will thank you and think of you every single time she looks at her baby’s photos !

Jennifer was super excited to get the photos done . We have agreed on the colors to go well with their living room, which was mostly neutral with a little seafoam color. I have just gotten some cute outfits in and I was eager to try them out on Liam. I love playing with babies and dressing them up, reminds me of when I was a little girl and played dress up with my dolls:)

Liam was such a great boy for me. Slept the whole time and mommy and daddy were able to sit and relax a bit. I loved hanging out with them as we had tons in common:)I am so happy for both of them! Congrats once again guys and see you soon:)

If you are looking for Somerville Baby Photographer give me a call : 908-566-5069


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Clifton NJ Newborn Photographer

When Kris was looking for Clifton NJ Newborn Photographer, she could not find anyone that fit her style. Then she happened to stumble upon my website and she made her decision to contact and book me for her son’s newborn session . A lot of times parents make their decision of which newborn photographer to choose based on location and distance, however , such decision should be rather made on quality of photography being delivered. 1 hour drive might seem like much with a brand new baby but knowing that you will get amazing photos that you will treasure forever, makes it all worth it . And who are we kidding? Everything in NJ is an hour away:)

Jonathan was born few weeks ahead of his due date and had to spend few days in NICU. Luckily the little man got well quick and mommy was able to take him home and introduce him to his big brother Justin. I have to say, Justin was one of the best behaved little 4 year old boys I have ever met (and I met a lot since my little one is also 4 years old:). As soon as I opened the door the morning of our session , Justin gave me a big hug and was all smiles:)I got few more cuddles and a lot of giggles out of him in the next few hours too! He was so nice and gentle with Jonathan as well … perfect big brother!

The entire session was amazing. Congratulations Kris on such a beautiful family ! Hope to see you guys again soon !



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