Outdoor Maternity Session

This outdoor maternity session was really special , since it was Christina’s sister that booked it as a present. I think the gift of photography has to be the most amazing and meaningful present one can ever receive. Baby clothes and little gadgets are cute but they all eventually get thrown away, unlike the photos. Every time your loved one will look at those photos , they will remember you and your thoughtfulness. Forever! I do offer Gift Certificates in any denomination , as well as a Baby Shower registry for that exact reason.

For this outdoor maternity session I met Christina and Steve at the Hunterdon County Arboretum. I love that place since it usually very peaceful and not too busy. I love the little areas full of flowers, all the small (and big) structures that add to the beauty of the photos, love the gorgeous hiking trails. There is basically tons of gorgeous spaces to take photos and my clients always enjoy the variety. With fall around the corner, the place is full of colorful foliage. Christina wore a beautiful red dress , which complemented all the autumn colors peeking through. I do offer maternity gowns to all my clients but some feel more comfortable in wearing their own clothes, which is perfectly fine with me, especially if they have such a great taste 🙂

I can not wait to photograph their baby girl coming in just few short weeks. We are already planning some very special set ups for the little one and I am sure the photos will turn out to be gorgeous.

Outdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity Session

If you are interested in receiving more information about my maternity sessions, please contact Aneta at 908-566-5069 or email lollipopphoto@aol.com. I would love to guide you in the booking process and answer any questions you might have. I promise you , I will do everything to make your experience memorable and absolutely beautiful.

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Baby Boy Photo Session

I think the photo below best describes this Baby Boy Photo Session. Little Bradley seriously starred at me for majority of his session without even blinking! He was so content and calm that I did not mind that even a bit, especially that he had the most amazing eyes I have ever seen on a little baby. I think he looks so much like a Gerber baby ! I just love e perfect combination of blue backdrop, wrap and hat and that the main focus are Bradley’s eyes. When choosing set up for the session I usually follow the rule of exact match or complete opposite- nothing in between.

Baby Boy Photo Session

Bradley’s nursery theme was adventure and travel, so Christine asked if she can bring a vintage style suitcase and few other items from his room. I love when parents bring personal items to the session, makes it so much more special. Since I have tons of outfits and accessories that are a perfect fit for newborns, I always ask the parents to think about their favorite hobbies and interests, family heirlooms, items that actually have a deep meaning in their lives. Those are the props (and the photos) that will be cherished for generations to come. This Baby Boy Photo Session definitely had special props and the set up turned out amazing.

baby boy photo session

Christine and Mike were an absolute pleasure to meet and photograph. It’s such a pleasure an honor to be a part of a new family, to share those new days with them, to give them such a tremendously beautiful gift. Thank you both for entrusting me to photograph your new baby and congratulations to you once again!

Baby Boy Photo Session

If you , or anyone you know, is interested in a newborn session with me, please contact me at 908-566-5069. I will be so happy to guide you through the process of booking a photoshoot with me. Thank you and I hope to meet you and your little one soon!

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Baby Girl Photo Session

What an amazing Baby Girl Photo Session it was! I have photographed Cheryl’s son last year and was delighted to hear she was expecting a little girl. When she walked into my studio with her precious Emma I fell in love on the spot. Emma was one of the best sleepers ever and what a cute baby girl she was. Cheryl asked for neutral set ups, which I find myself to be gravitating more and more toward. I was super excited to put Emma in pastel pinks, creams and lace. I always start a session with a certain pose , to make the baby comfortable and settled. Sine Emma was in a deep sleep when she arrived, I’ve decided to do a froggy pose , which is basically sitting baby with her face in her hands pose. A lot of parents love it and a lot of photographers strive to achieve it. This baby girl was a super star and she did it in a matter of minutes. Recently, I have purchased tons of new wraps and headbands from my favorite vendor Itsy Bitsy Blooms https://www.facebook.com/itsybitsyblooms/?fref=ts. They are such a great quality and simply beautiful, which makes my work so much easier. No more guessing if the wrap matches the headband- a photographer’s dilemma 🙂

This Baby Girl Photo Session was definitely one of my favorites. I enjoyed photographing Emma as much as I enjoyed chatting with her mommy. I seriously can not imagine a better job then mine. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be able to photograph tiny human beings , create beautiful memories for my clients, and meet so many wonderful people along the way, many of whom turn to be great friends. Thank you to all my clients for allowing me to be a part of your lives!

If you’d like more information on newborn sessions, please email Aneta at lollipopphoto@aol.com

Baby Girl Photo SessionBaby Girl Photo SessionBaby Girl Photo SessionBaby Girl Photo SessionBaby Girl Photo Session




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Morris County Newborn Photography

Erica and Mike drove all the way from Rockaway for their newborn session. While looking for Morris County Newborn Photography studio, they stumbled upon my website and reached out to me right away. Erica was very interested in including their fur baby in a session and I had absolutely no problem with it. I love dogs and have had them all my life. I am currently mama to a cute little Yorkie named Pickles who thinks he is the king of the house 🙂 Before I had kids I was deeply involved in dog rescue, especially Yorkie rescue. I used to volunteer in shelters, collect food, supplies at work and help screen potential adopters. It was a truly rewarding experience! Although I don’t have much time now to do all the things I used to, I still donate to local shelters and rescues and I teach my kids to do them same 🙂

When clients request to have their puppy included in a newborn session, I treat the dog as I would any other toddler. I understand that they will not always listen to what I am asking of them, will not always sit where I want them to sit, and will most likely spend the majority of the time exploring my studio. I know that photos like these will require a lot of patience and time and will most likely be a product of several composites 🙂 Majority of the time I take several photos of the baby alone in a prop, and then several photos of the puppy next to that prop, then I merge those photos together. Despite the extra work, the final images are always amazing and those that are cherished the most.

If you would like to have your furry baby included in your session, please contact me at 908-566-5069 to discuss details. Furry babies are family members too and I would love to photograph them as well.

Morris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn Photography



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North Brunswick Maternity Session

Last week I was lucky enough to photograph yet another, North Brunswick Maternity Session . Stephanie and Bryan were just so sweet to work with. Expecting their first baby boy in just few short month , they were so happy and excited to document this special moment in their lives. We met at the Hunterdon County Arboretum , which is just a beautiful place for any type of session, especially this time of the year. Stephanie wanted to use some of my maternity gowns, which by the way are available to all my expecting mommies free of charge. Since they were both so easy to work with , we had enough time to try on 3 different gowns, plus the outfit that Stephanie had chosen herself. You can see the different looks we’ve achieved by looking at the photos below.

Gown #1

This gown is a close fitting, made of very stretchy fabric with a lacy bottom. I have bought it from a European vendor and it’s one of my favorite gowns for expecting moms since it shows off the pregnant belly so beautifully.

North Brunswick Maternity SessionNorth Brunswick Maternity Session


Gown #2

This gown is as elegant as it it playful. Black , stretchy fabric with a long train makes a striking statement. I think Stephanie looked beautiful and sexy in this gown and I think Bryan agreed 🙂

North Brunswick Maternity SessionNorth Brunswick Maternity Session



This gown is the first maternity gown I’ve ever purchased and it’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s a sheer, lacy one with a flowing bottom and a slit on the front to show the growing belly.

North Brunswick Maternity Sessiony
North Brunswick Maternity Session


I think both Stephanie and Bryan enjoyed their maternity session since I got this sweet note right after : “Bryan and I had an awesome time at the shoot yesterday.  Just wanted to thank you again for your kindness, patience and helping me with all the dress changes.  Can’t wait to see the photos!!”.  I would say that this North Brunswick Maternity Session was yet another success.


If you are interested in a maternity session and would like to discuss details call Aneta at 908-566-5069 or email at lollipopphoto@aol.com

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