Flemington NJ Newborn Photographer

Kim and Bryan had waited for their little miracle quiet some time and I am so incredibly happy for the two of them. They are both the nicest and humble people and they so deserve all the happiness that Logan has brought to their lives. Congratulations once again guys!

Logan was a dream to work with and looked equally cute in neutrals as he did in dark grey.  He was not too keen on a froggy pose (which is a favorite of every parent I meet) but we tried it anyway and got it to work ! Daddy plays a guitar so he has also requested a set up with some musical instruments and accessories in the backdrop . Well, he almost brought the entire studio:)I loved how everything turned out and I am so glad they loved all the final product.

Congrats once again and God Bless you and Logan ! 


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Newborn Photographer New York, NY

Laura has emailed me after the baby was born and unfortunately I did not have any openings for her session . Its very important that parents pre-book their sessions ahead of time so I can reserve their date and make sure I do not overbook myself either. Since it’s hard to predict when the baby will be born, I schedule a tentative date and adjust once the baby arrives. Scheduling ahead guarantees you a spot so you don’t have to worry about anything after the delivery:)

So back to Laura’s story. I have offered to refer her to another photographer but she didn’t want to …she wanted to wait for me . Luckily , one of the birthday sessions I had on my calendar had to be rescheduled and I was able to offer Laura a mini newborn session at the last minute. Her and her husband were beyond happy:)

On Friday , they drove all the way from New York City to have little Ethan’s photos taken . He was an absolute dream and Laura shed a few tears looking at her little boy being so perfectly calm and relaxed. Ethan had the most amazing skin , which later made my editing job super easy:)Lets not forget the hair! Most of my babies are pretty bold but this little man had a head full of black , shiny hair ! Love !!

We have managed to get tons of amazing shots in a little over an hour and mommy and daddy loved each one:)I am so glad that at the end I was able to fit them into my schedule and give them their dream session .

To book your newborn session please contact me as soon as you can at 908-566-5069. 


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Baby Photographer Jersey City NJ

Michelle and Adam came to me all the way from Jersey City. I always appreciate clients who drive such a distance to see me – thank you guys:)I have gotten so many clients from Jersey City recently,  that I think I am quickly becoming an official Jersey City Baby Photographer:)

Michelle and Adam have brought their little cutie , Evelyn for her first modeling session and wow, was she amazing! We were able to do all the poses in my workflow and then some! Love easy sessions like these. Michelle loved pink for her daughter so we styled everything around pinks and neutrals .  Daddy had decided to use his guitar as one of the props, which is always fun to do . I love when parents bring their personal props to use in the session, it makes it so much personable and special.

Congratulations Michelle and Adam! Enjoy your little beauty and I will see you soon !

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Child Photographer Hoboken NJ

Absolutely love seeing my babies growing up and coming photos taken back for their milestone sessions. This amazing family drove all the way from Hoboken to celebrate  Chloe’s 1st birthday with a photo session. Cake smashes are all the craze now a days but they opted out of it and decided on ore traditional and simple set up.

When I saw Chloe I was instantly in love! Seriously, one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen ! Her hair and eyes were unbelievable – every photographer’s dream. Mommy chose bright, fun clothes to go with the spring season but of course I had to sneak in one of my fancy , sparkly outfits as well:)Every little girl likes to dress up and I get my girly fix photographing them ( for some reason my boys are not too keen on trying on my sparkly dresses lol ).

Since the day was nice and overcast we’ve rounded up our session with some outdoor family photos . I am in love with each one and can’t wait to see this adorable family again in the fall:)

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Newborn Photographer New Brunswick NJ

The first thing I noticed about this little one was her amazing hair! Most babies I photograph are pretty bold (and so were all my 3 boys ) so seeing black curls always makes me a little excited. Arianna came to me with her mommy and grandma and you could see that both of them were just crazy over the top in love with that little peanut! I started a session with my (recently) favorite froggy pose , which is not an easy pose to accomplish . Arianna was amazing and I knew from then that she will rock her whole session. She was such an easy baby to pose and to move from prop to prop. Mommy kept the gender of the baby a surprise till the end so Arianna’s nursery was pretty neutral as far as decor goes. To spruce it up and give it a girls flair , we have decided to do most of our set up in pink and purple with some timeless, neutral colors blended in. I just loved playing with this little one and I thank her mommy and grandma to bring her to me:)

Congratulations to this beautiful family ! 

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