Heartwarming NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session

NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session

NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session

As part of my giving back to the community I offer 1, completely free NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session per month to a randomly chosen rainbow mommy.  While trying to conceive, I too, suffered few loses , so I know exactly how many of you feel. As a gesture of support and empathy, I decided to offer these complimentary rainbow baby photo sessions  as a way to celebrate the resilience and strength of mothers who had experienced such profound loss.

Meaghan Story

I think it would be difficult to get the full picture of our journey to second time parenthood with our rainbow baby without starting from the beginning with the birth of our first daughter, nearly six years ago.
I became very sick during labor and my OB team called for an urgent c section.
Once we got into the recovery room, complication after complication happened and I was labeled a “maternal near miss”, which is a nice way of saying I almost did not survive childbirth. I was told by my doctor not to even try to have another baby for at least two more years, but even the thought of getting pregnant again scared me deeply.
Eventually we decided to try to have another baby in January 2022. Since it was so easy to get pregnant with our first, I didn’t think we would have any trouble the second time around.  What I didn’t know then was that we were in for quite the ride!!
After a few months of trying, we got pregnant and were so excited! We even told family on Mother’s Day, and I lost the pregnancy the next day. We were devastated, but determined to bring another baby into the world. I had a chemical pregnancy that summer, followed by another positive pregnancy test on thanksgiving of that year. I thought to myself, that must be a good sign! And hoped that this time we would have a sticky baby. I unfortunately suffered another loss on New Years Day.
We had an appointment with a fertility specialist the beginning of February 2023, and I got a positive pregnancy test the morning of my appointment. Kind of funny, right? My due date was my birthday, and I held onto that as a positive sign for as long as I could. Since I came in pregnant, the plan was that they would just monitor the pregnancy for me and then discharge to my OB around 8 weeks.
We got the terrible news at the 7 week mark that baby had stopped developing. I’ll spare you the details of what was to follow, but it was a few weeks later that I lost the baby and it was the worst, and most devastating, loss I had had to date.
I told my husband I wanted to take a break from trying. And I even started getting used to the idea that Maeve may be an only child. I mourned the fact that I wouldn’t have any more babies, and I mourned the babies that almost came to be.
Flash forward to early July, I made a comment about how I had been a little nauseous over a few days to my husband. He joked around and said maybe I was pregnant. I cracked up at the thought, and then quickly dismissed it. But, the next day, something in me couldn’t let it go.
So I took a test and sure enough, I was pregnant again. It came with mixed emotions of excitement and fear. I was terrified to lose another baby, but deep down always knew I wanted more children. With each pregnancy milestone, this little one stayed with us and I am ecstatic to say that Maeve finally got to become a big sister on March 10th.
Natalie Clare came into the world in the most beautiful, redemptive, and healing birth. It was everything I dreamed of and more, and I am so happy. Our family is now complete.

Newborn Photo Shoot

Yellow Lollipop Photography is  NJ rainbow baby Photographer specializing in babies and families. Serving  Central and North NJ as well as PA and NYC area. If you would like to learn more about my baby and family photo sessions and book your very own  NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session please contact me HERE

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NJ Rainbow Baby Photo Session

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