Expert Advice on what to wear to a maternity photoshoot

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot?

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot is a most commonly asked questions before a pregnancy session. Your life is about to change in an exceptional way, and it’s just going to keep getting better after that. These months before your little one arrives and the ones to come are priceless memories that go by all too quickly!

Capture each moment of your pregnancy and fully enjoy each stage of this new journey in your life. There’s nothing quite like an outdoor maternity portrait photography session to highlight the natural beauty of a new life and your love for the new family member. Of course, then comes the big question: What to wear to a maternity photoshoot?

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Let the Baby Bump Shine

This is the time in your life you want to accentuate the baby bump and make it the focal point of your outfit. So rock your belly! Let the world know how proud and excited you are for this new stage of your life. There are different approaches you can take to accomplish this in a photo, and choosing between them depends on your personality and personal style.

Some choose to go for an outgoing look, with something like a crop top and skirt, leaving your belly bare and prominent. This look is edgy and bold and portrays your confidence. Another approach is a more subdued and delicate look with neutral tones that match the nature around you. The second one is the most popular among my maternity clients who wonder about what to wear to a maternity photoshoot.

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Match Your Personality

Another great tip on  what to wear to a maternity photoshoot  is match your clothes to your personality. No matter which style you choose for your professional outdoor maternity session, you want to make sure it matches your personality. After all, the most important thing is to be comfortable, no matter what you are wearing. If you feel confident and comfortable , then you will act naturally and your poses will come through the camera more genuinely and sincerely.

If you feel that your personality falls somewhere in between something bold and daring, and something neutral and subdued, you can add in a light print – floral is perfect in the summer, while a pattern is perfect for fall and winter. You can also combine various light colors to create a striking effect that does not distract from your face or your baby bump in the meantime.

maternity photoshoot morris county , mom in a beautiful maternity gown

Less is More during a maternity photoshoot

My advise on what to wear to a maternity photoshoot is to keep it simple. Remember, the emphasis is not on the outfit, but rather on your pregnant belly and the little one inside it. Simplicity is crucial when choosing what to wear. When you are taking photographs outside in nature, you have plenty of natural props, colors, and lighting to add color and variety to your portraits, so your outfit should be designed to contribute to and blend in with the scenery, not to stand out against it.

If you decide to go with a print, you should match the other colors or accessories of the outfit to just one color of the print. For example, if you have chosen a floral print with a white background and pink flowers, you should complement the piece with either white or pink coordinating pieces. If you choose to combine a few different light colors, you should make sure they are all a very light shade and that they complement each other well.

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Color Combination Ideas

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot

If you’re expecting and you’ve heard the term, “You’re glowing,” you know it brightens your day and warms your heart. You can make that look come through the camera with the right color and style combinations. Here are some ideas for color combinations:


  • White, grey, and coral

  • Tan, brown, and white

  • Navy and grey

  • Light blue and gray

  • Green and white

  • Pale green and tan

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Style Combination Ideas

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot
  • Generally, with maternity wear, a long and flowy choice is a flattering option. A simple maxi dress looks beautiful in all seasons, flatters your curves, and elongates your legs.
  • Dark blue jeans with a solid-colored shirt and a black blazer create a classy, confident look.
  • A knee-length dress with cap sleeves and knee-high boots is a great way to emphasize both your baby bump and your legs.
  • For a free-spirited look, wear denim shorts with a crop top and a loose-fitting button-down.
  • With a background of green trees and a bright blue sky, a yellow sundress is to die for.
  • In simple scenery with tall grass or a wheat field, a white top with a pink skirt will be sweet and stunning.
  •  If the sky behind you is white and clear, something bright may be a good choice. Teal, pink or red can be striking and eye-catching.
  • A black dress or black pants and shirt with a brown accessory such as a belt, purse, or boots will look fashionable and classic at the same time.


what to wear to an outdoor maternity session , mom wearing a beautiful long gown

Seasonal Consideration

When deciding on what to wear to a maternity photoshoot please consider the time of the year. Always keep in mind the season of your maternity photo session when choosing what to wear. Sometimes this can be difficult to do when shopping for maternity clothes, especially if you had one baby in the summer and one in the winter! You may not want to purchase all new outfits, so a good strategy to keep in mind is to think about what non-maternity clothing you can combine to be creative and resourceful. It’s easy to wear your sleeveless tops and dresses with a cardigan, jacket or blazer.

However, keep in mind that summer colors are often bright colors or pastels, while appropriate winter tones are greys, blues, and browns. Some all-season shades include white, black and green. These can match well with your seasonal colors, either to tone down bright, former summer wear or to brighten up something wintery that needs a pop of color.

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Outfit Changes during maternity pictures

When considering what to wear to a maternity photoshoot, try to make them as efficient and effective as possible. After all, you want to be sure you spend as much time as possible in front of the camera getting good shots rather than using all that time changing outfits. Consider choosing one simple base and accentuating with different accessories, such as shoes, jackets or hats. For example, if you are shooting in the summer, a sun hat can make all the difference in a photo and be a big eye-catcher.

In the winter, adding a red or navy hat will look stunning and add extra variety to your collection. You may also decide to keep the pants the same, but change your top from solid to stripes or polka-dots. A lengthy vest, either in white, black, or brown is an iconic look that can set your photos apart. Important point to keep in mind is the fact that most outdoor places do not have changing rooms so wardrobe switch should be as easy and efficient as possible.

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot

What should my Partner wear to a maternity photo shoot?

Your partner has to be considered in deciding on what to wear to a maternity photoshoot and should coordinate colors and patterns. If you are wearing prints, they should wear solids, still in keeping with the same color scheme. I recommend keeping guy’s clothes simple and comfortable. Jeans and khakis are great base. Add a simple polo shirt, sweater or a casual button down and make your guy a happy camper. Please keep in mind all the other suggestions mentioned above, such as personality, season, style and color. If you are wearing a luxurious ball gown, don’t let your partner wear denim shorts 🙂

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I have nothing to wear!

Not to worry! I do have few maternity dresses you can use, however most moms prefer wearing their own outfits. If you want to purchase a dress for your maternity session, check out Chicaboo and Sew Trendy, both providing the highest quality pregnancy outifts. Amazon and Baltic Born are good choices as well. Feel free to ask me about different styles and colors or browse my maternity gallery to see some examples.  You can choose among many styles

  • Long-sleeved

  • Sleeveless

  • Solid colors

  • Lace overlay

  • Velvet texture

  • Stretchy knit fabrics

In the end, the photos are yours and they are designed to bring back fond memories of this special time in your life. This is your time to let you and your partner’s personalities shine and to appreciate your love for one another and your little one. So, pick something that will add to your joy in countless years to come.

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If you have any more questions about  What to wear to a maternity photoshoot  or if you’d like To schedule your own maternity photo shoot please click here. I will be happy to discuss all the details of your outdoor pregnancy portraits.

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