Amazing Newborn Police Picture Ideas

newborn police photography ideas

Newborn Police Picture Ideas

Looking for Newborn Newborn Police Picture Ideas? Are you or your partner a member of the police force? If so, I have lots of ideas for you as you prepared to welcome a new little one to the family!

Many of my clients are police officers or members of the armed forces. I have such respect for the people who serve our country in this way. One of the things I love to do is incorporate parents’  professions into their newborn pictures. This is especially popular with parents who are in the police or military!

Police Uniform

One of the most popular newborn police picture ideas is for dad or mom to wear their uniform at the session. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s nothing quite like a strong daddy in uniform holding his newborn baby.

Police Hat or Badge

Another great way to highlight your career choice in your baby pictures is by using part of your uniform as a prop. This is really easy to do with things like hats or badges, and always looks so cute!

American Flag Ideas

Patriotic newborn pictures are always a great choice–especially if your career involves serving your country. What a great way to highlight and pass on your legacy to the next generation! Many parents like to use the American flag in their newborn pictures. I have a beautiful scarf resembling a flag in my studio that is used as a swaddle or wrap for baby photos. This is a very popular option with many of my clients!

Newborn Picture Props and Outfits

Another newborn police picture ideas are little outfits. Of course, as a newborn photographer, I also have a well-stocked studio full of props and outfits. That includes an infant-sized police cap!

Infant Photo Shoot

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newborn police ideas

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