8 proven tips on how to photograph your own baby

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How to photograph your own baby

Many people wonder how to photograph your own baby if you can’t afford photography services. I understand that some parents can not afford professional photography services. Although I work with different budgets sometimes it’s just not achievable. Regardless of budget restrictions, each mom deserves to have beautiful photographs of her baby.  With the right approach and some helpful tips, moms can create cute photographs right from the comfort of their own home. Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

Prepare the room

Choose a well-lit room with natural light if possible. Soft, diffused lighting is ideal for newborn photography. Clear any clutter and create a cozy and comfortable space for your baby. I usually recommend placing baby about 6 feet away from a window . Sheer curtains or any diffuse fabrics will help with softening the light coming in.

Timing is key

Newborns are often sleepiest and most cooperative during the first two weeks of life. Another tip on how to photograph your own baby is timing . Try to plan your photo session during this time to capture those adorable sleepy poses. After 2 weeks babies become more alert and harder to pose. Mornings are usually easier but remember to plan between feeding times so they baby is not hungry during your session.

Safety first

Always prioritize your baby’s safety. Make sure the room is warm enough, and use props and poses that are safe and comfortable for your baby. I urge you not to try any difficult positions you might of seen on Pinterest or on my website . These poses are achieved with years of training and experience and a lot of photoshop magic. Never leave your baby unattended in a prop or in precarious positions.

Keep it simple

Focus on capturing the natural beauty of your baby. Avoid using too many props or distracting backgrounds. A plain blanket or a simple basket can be enough to create stunning images. I recommend neutral color blanket and a matching or complementing scarf in which you can wrap the baby. Keep the accessories simple as well, no huge bows or bonnets. Focus on the baby.

Get down to their level

To capture intimate and engaging shots, get down to your baby’s eye level. This will help you establish a connection and capture their unique expressions. You can take photos from above as well. One thing to remember is not to shoot up the baby’s nose. If you position yourself above, over extend your arms and take a photo from that angle.

Use natural poses

Newborns naturally curl up into adorable positions. Take advantage of this by gently posing your baby in comfortable and natural positions. Avoid forcing them into unnatural poses that may be uncomfortable or unsafe.

Capture the details

Don’t forget to zoom in and capture those tiny fingers, toes, and facial features. These close-up shots can be incredibly precious and help you remember all the little details as your baby grows.

Patience is key

Newborns can be unpredictable, so be patient and flexible during your photo session. Take breaks when needed and be prepared to try again later if your baby becomes fussy or needs to be fed or changed.

Remember, photographing your own newborn baby is a special opportunity to bond with your little one and create cherished memories. With these tips on how to photograph your own baby and a little practice, you can capture beautiful images that will be treasured for years to come. Enjoy the process and have fun documenting this precious time in your baby’s life.

If you decide that doing your own photos is too difficult please reach out and I will try to for you in my schedule. Remember that both you and your baby deserve these beautiful keepsakes.

Below are few simple poses you can try with your own baby

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