Amazing Twin Rainbow Babies Photo Session

Twin Rainbow Babies Photo Session

This Twin Rainbow Babies Photo Session was so special. Rainbow babies are precious little ones born after the loss of a previous baby. I’ve experienced this loss myself, and know how hard it is. This is one reason why I offer a complimentary rainbow baby photo session each month to an eligible family. I receive so many requests for this service, and each month an applicant is randomly chosen. October’s recipient was Tina and Charles, proud parents of beautiful twin rainbow babies. I was honored to offer them a twin rainbow babies photo session for their two girls.

 Tina and Charles’ Story

Part 1

My name is Tina and my husband’s name is Charles. I am a paramedic working in Newark and my husband is a Marine Corps combat vet. I would like to request to be considered for the the rainbow baby program. We are currently expecting identical twin girls scheduled for induction or c-section on 9/26/2019. A brief description of our story is I was told I would need IVF to have babies due to my long history of ovarian cysts (requiring surgery) which eventually caused hydrosalpinx of my left Fallopian tube, coupled with anovulatory cycles, and previous miscarriages.

Before my husband and I got married we had a big surprise back in 2017 that I was pregnant (naturally)! We were both shocked but ecstatic because we both really wanted kids. Our son Gunner Michael Blue was expected to be due 4/29/18. On 4/15/18 at 38 weeks our precious little boy came into this world born still due to a cord accident. The morning before we had rushed to the hospital after I stopped feeling him move but by the time we got there it was too late. When they delivered him they found the cord was wrapped around his neck and twisted off by his belly button. We were devastated and completely broken.

No other baby could ever replace our son, but we still wanted children so we went on to try again naturally for a few months (unsuccessfully) while we waited for our first appointment at RMA to start the fertility treatment process.

Part 2

Our first egg retrieval resulted in 3 PGS normal embryos. Our first transfer with the only boy embryo failed and we were feeling pretty discouraged. This process while still grieving our son was quite a difficult journey. The next month we transferred one female embryo. After the dreaded TWW we finally found out I was pregnant!! We were happy but still very nervous about getting excited.

When I had the first ultrasound to see the baby, both the doctor and I were quite shocked to see 2 sacs with a baby growing in each!! My husband was at work when I called and almost passed out when I told him. We were happy but once again very nervous something would go wrong.

Well I’m now 8 weeks away from their scheduled delivery date and we can’t wait for these girls to get here so we can hold them and love on them all the time. We would so greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a rainbow baby shoot for them. Thank you so much in advance for the chance to even tell you our story.

Skylar and Harper: Twin Rainbow Babies

It was a delight to do this twin rainbow babies photo session for beautiful twins Skylar and Harper. I chose mostly neutral colors, although we also experimented with a fall setup and some deep purples. These two were so adorable!

Although I choose the styles and setups for these complimentary baby photo sessions, Tina told me they were happy to bring outfits from home if I wanted. Since Charles is a Marine Corps vet I asked if he would bring some uniform items. He was happy to oblige. There is something so special about a dad in uniform holding his tiny newborn infant (or two!) in his arms.

Harper and Skylar were wonderful about posing for me during their Twin Rainbow Babies Photo Session. I love the snuggly pictures we were able to get of the two of them cuddling with each other. I’m so happy for Tina and Charles, and felt honored to capture these beautiful memories of their daughters.  This Twin Rainbow Babies Photo Session was simply amazing.

Yellow Lollipop Photography Review

“My husband and I were blessed to be picked for a complimentary newborn photo session for our twin girls as part of the rainbow baby program Aneta started back in March to give back as well as raise awareness about infertility and pregnancy/infant loss. I can’t even tell you how happy, excited, and unbelievably grateful we were to receive this wonderful gift for our double rainbow girls.

Two weeks ago we took the girls for their photo shoot and let me just tell you how amazed we were with Aneta. She’s such a kind woman, amazing photographer, and a magical baby whisperer. We are absolutely in love with her work!! All the pictures came out beautiful and despite being a free session for us, Aneta really took her time with the girls and made us feel special and welcome in her beautiful studio and home.

She took wonderful care of them stopping to feed and change them as needed. I will recommend Yellow Lollipop photography to everyone and anyone!! I definitely would love to have her do more work with the girls again in the future! Please go check out Aneta’s work! I can’t sing her praises enough!!”

Rainbow Babies Photo Session Program

If you’d like to be considered for a complimentary rainbow baby photo session, or want to nominate a family you know, please contact me asap. Please remember that demand for these sessions is high and that only one family is randomly chosen per month. However, all rainbow babies not selected for a complimentary session are eligible for a discounted package rate.

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