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NJ newborn photography tips

I often get asked about NJ newborn photography tips. I’ve been a NJ newborn photographer for over 12 years but I’ve been a mom for way longer then that. I have 3 boys who are now six, eight, and ten, and whom I love beyond belief. There are definitely moments when they drive me crazy and test my patience to the limits, but then, there are times when just one single hug and ‘I love you’ makes it all better.

Although my boys are bigger now I still remember those first months after they were born. Trying to figure out their feeding schedule, their sleeping schedule (do they even have one?), trying to keep it all together and trying to be the best new mom I could. As much as I wanted to do it all, it was always nice when my family and friends offered some help or advice. I figured, they have been there so they should know.

So here it is: A list of 3 best baby gadgets for new parents. Hope at least one of those products helps you in your new and wonderful journey as mommy and daddy.

Advice for a new mom


Another one of my NJ newborn photography tips is to get a Woombie. Seriously, that little potato sack looking thing changed my life. I was able to change my baby during the night without waking him up, which meant I was able to sleep for three straight hours too!

Woombie has a zipper rather than velcro (velcro is so loud, especially in the middle of the night) and allows you to unzip the swaddler half way up, change the diaper and zip it back down–all without moving baby’s hands and arms. I could just kiss the person who invented it! Here is the Amazon link if you want to purchase it: Woombie


Baby Shusher

Something so simple and easy, yet so powerful. Baby shusher uses a shushing technique to help soothe your baby without you having to do it yourself. It’s small enough that you can carry it everywhere you go. It also comes with a timer so you can set it up and let it shush for half an hour or so,  just enough time to soothe your baby. Shushing is one of the five components recommended in the very popular book “Happiest Baby on the Block.”

You can see it here. I use Baby Shusher during every single newborn session and I swear that it helps tremendously. Sometimes it even puts parents to sleep 🙂 You can purchase it pretty much everywhere but I love Amazon: Baby Shusher


Amber Necklace

Yet another one of my NJ newborn photography tips is an amber necklace. I swear that it relieves the teething pain. My youngest son has worn his necklace since he was two months old. He never had any sort of pain or discomfort associated with teething. As a matter of fact he never drooled or had ear infections either. I just looked into his mouth one day and all his teeth were there!

So how does it work? The theory is that the baby’s body heat triggers the release of a tiny amount of oil from the amber. The oil, which contains succinic acid, is absorbed into the body, and advocates say it has an analgesic effect on swollen, sore gums. Most parents I talk to feel the same way I do about the power of the amber necklace but it may not work for everyone. The best way to see is to try it.

I ordered mine from Mooney’s Baltic Amber on Facebook. She also sells amber bracelets, which can be placed under baby’s sock. This can be safer, especially if your baby likes to grab onto stuff.

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