Successful Newborn Photo Session with Siblings

baby photos with older sibling

Newborn Photo Session with Siblings

Newborn Photo Session with Siblings creates a wonderful opportunity to capture meaningful interactions between your children. I can’t think of a better way to preserve those earliest memories as a loving family than with professional family portraits.  It was an absolute joy to , once again, work with Marian and her beautiful family.

Sibling Photos with a new baby

Sibling relationships can be some of the deepest, most meaningful relationships in our lives.  They can be best friends, partners in crime and confidants.  Watching your kids interacting with each other it’s the most beautiful moment any parents can wish for. And so are the photos taken of those moments.

As any mom , Marian wanted photos of both babies together and they sure delivered. Artemis was the most loving big sister to Amos. She hugged and kissed him the entire photo session , all while giving me the cutest and sincere smiles.  She did such a wonderful job that I am sure she got a nice treat for it when she got home.

Toddlers and Newborns

Working with toddlers can be very challenging, especially during a newborn session with sibling. They just got a new sibling and their whole world changed. All the attention that was given to them up to this point, gets divided now between this new little baby. It’s a lot of them to comprehend.

During the photo session we have to keep that in mind. I don’t give all the attention to the baby , I try to praise and play and interact with the sibling as well. Give them the extra attention they might need at this time. I loved making Artemis laugh and play peek-a-boo with her. Making her feel special is very important . I think I did a good job since I got a lot of sweet hugs from her too. I was so happy with how this Newborn Photo Session with Siblings turned out.

New Jersey Newborn and Siblings Photographer

As a mom of 3 I understand how important newborn photo session with siblings are to any parent. Please let me capture these special moments of your babies together. Email or call me to discuss your photography session. Contact HERE

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