Fun Filled Somerset County NJ Newborn Photo Shoot

Somerset County NJ Newborn Photo Shoot

Somerset County NJ Newborn Photo Shoot

This Somerset County NJ Newborn Photo Shoot for Baby Chloe was so much fun. I love when parents ask to incorporate their unique hobbies, interests and family traditions into the photo session. It makes the photo shoot so much personalized and special. It also helps me unleash my creativity and have some fun.

Chloe’s Newborn Photography Session

This little one’s parents LOVE video gaming , especially Overwatch and Super Mario. Since my boys are obsessed with Super Mario it was fairly easy to find props all around my house. I found a Mario hat , gold coins and yellow block that worked perfectly for that theme.

Another theme they wanted to include was Star Wars. Once again , having a husband who is a Star Wars fanatic, came in handy. I was able to pull out a Boba Fett helmet and place it next to the bucket Chloe was in. Finished that off with cute Yoda hat and we got ourselves a perfect Star Wars set up.  A cherry on the cake was the fact that we did the session on May the 4th! How cool is that ?!

Customized Baby Photo Shoot

Chloe was born in a year of a Golden Ox which I though would be great to showcase. I have found a golden ox figure on line and ordered it for the session. I loved the combination of red and gold – Chloe looked absolutely beautiful in it.

According to Chinese Calendar “Ox sign people with the Gold element also corresponding to their birth year are always active and busy, and are also highly respected due to their good relationships with others. They are rich and honorable from an early age, live steadily at middle age, and enjoy a comfortable life in old age.”  I sure hope this will hold true for Chloe.

Family Photo Shoot Somerset County NJ

Chloe was just a perfect model. She slept through the entire session, not making a peep once. We were able to do all the beanbag poses and extra props as well. Of course we wanted to capture few photos of Chloe and her parents as well. Jennifer and Victor were really laid back and made it super easy to photograph them. I never want parents to stress about that portion of the session. I want them to relax and just enjoy their sweet new baby. As you can see Chloe enjoyed herself as well since she gave us a huge smile as soon as I put her in mama’s arms.

Personalized Newborn Photo Shoot?

Looking for a Baby photo shoot and want to include something special and fun? Please reach out as soon as possible so we can work on the details. I would love to make your newborn photo shoot as special as your little one.

Please CONTACT ME here.

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