NJ Baby Photos with Older Siblings

baby photos with older siblings

NJ Baby Photos with Older Siblings

If your little one isn’t the first arrival to your family, you may be interested in NJ baby photos with older siblings. These are some of my favorites to do! There’s something so special about older siblings welcoming a new baby.

The types of images we can create sometimes depend on the age of your other child (or children). The safety of your newborn is my first priority, and some poses are just too tough for a toddler to handle. For example, I won’t have young children hold baby unless they’re old enough to do so safely. However, don’t let that deter you! There are still plenty of ways to get beautiful NJ Baby Photos with Older Siblings.

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One way we can get NJ Baby Photos with Older Siblings is by creating composite images. I’ll take a photo of baby by themselves, and then another photo of big brother or sister with the same backdrop. Later, during the editing stage, I’ll put the two pictures together so they create a single, seamless image. This is a great way to do sibling images when your older child isn’t quite old enough to hold a newborn. It can also be a great option for siblings that are having a hard time adjusting to the new arrival and don’t want to pose with them!

NJ baby photos with siblings

One of the most popular poses for NJ Baby Photos with Older Siblings is to have big brother or sister lay down and snuggle the baby. It’s a nice safe pose and the finished image always looks so sweet!

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Although not all children are thrilled with a younger sibling at first, others are super excited about having a baby in the family. If your kiddo is one who likes to cuddle and kiss that little newborn, we can capture that sweet relationship in your newborn and sibling photos.

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