Beautiful Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ

Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ

I was so excited for this Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ. I’ve created my complimentary Rainbow Baby Program back in 2019. As a rainbow mom myself I wanted to offer something for moms going through miscarriage and loss. I wanted to give them a special gift and since newborn photography is what I do best, I’ve decided to start this program.

I have to say it’s been one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences of my life. People I meet during these rainbow baby photography sessions, just like Aimee, although grieving and hurt, are still so loving, giving and greatful. I am truly so honored to be included in their rainbow journeys and gift them this Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ.

Rainbow Baby Story

Aimee was my February winner of Free Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ She wrote to me back in July and shared her rainbow story.
In her words: “I am currently 9 weeks pregnant after a year of IVF and 2 losses (and hoping this one sticks!) Prior to this, I had an early miscarriage in 2017 that was devastating, but we knew we wanted to try again. We got pregnant after 4 months and were so happy!
The happiness was short lived when we lost our son in the second trimester in 2018 due to Trisomy 18, a diagnosis that is “incompatible with life.” I will never forget the look on the nurse’s face when she read why I was going in for surgery. The chance of Trisomy 18 is 1 in 3,500 for a woman my age. I won the worst genetic lottery possible.
 At that point, we decided to do IVF to try genetic testing of embryos so we could avoid having another trisomy loss. We did 3 rounds of IUI over 5 months that failed, and then 2 IVF egg retrievals. Almost all of the embryos from the retrievals came back “abnormal.” Two of ours came back as “no result,” meaning the DNA samples were insufficient or not good quality so they had no idea if they were viable.
On a wing and a prayer, we transferred the best graded embryo anyway and to our amazement, it stuck! We are understandably very scared and hoping all is okay since we did not get any genetic results initially. We are waiting until we get genetic testing results back and have the anatomy scan before letting our friends know. We are no longer naive and know that there are so many possibilities for something to go wrong. We just hope that this time, everything goes right!. “

 Rainbow Baby Session

All I got to say is , Aimee is one lucky mama to be surrounded by such loving and carrying men. I absolutely adored how her almost 4 year old loved on his little brother Harrison. He was so excited to hold him and kiss him all the time during their Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ. I bet these 2 are going to the best of friends.

Harrison was just a little butterball. So cute and sleepy with most adorable cheeks. He slept through the whole session and I was able to do all the set ups that I planned for. Aimee asked for more muted tones as Harrison’s nursery included blue and grey accents so I tried to stay on a neutral side when creating his session set ups.

Of course I had to include some rainbow elements as well since all my complimentary Rainbow Baby Sessions come with 3 rainbow images. I just loved Harrison in a bucket with a little Miracle hat. I  love how this Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ turned out.

Yellow Lollipop Photography Review

After her Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ, Aimee left me this sweet review on Google:
“Aneta did a beautiful job capturing just how much we love this tiny “potato wrapped” baby! She used humor, candor, and TLC to make our photo session magical. She is a wonderful person and an excellent photographer. Her work is displayed all over locally, and it’s no wonder! Book with Aneta!”

Infant Photo Shoot

Yellow Lollipop Photography is New Jersey Rainbow Baby Photographer specializing in babies and families. Serving  Long Valley, Randolph, Chester, Bedminster, Far Hills, Basking Ridge and surrounding towns. If you would like to learn more about my baby and family photo sessions and book your very own Rainbow Baby Session Hunterdon County NJ please contact me HERE

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