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Erica and Mike drove all the way from Rockaway for their newborn session. While looking for a Morris County newborn photography studio, they stumbled upon my website and reached out to me right away. Erica was very interested in including their fur baby in a session. No problems here! I love dogs and have had them all my life. I am currently mama to a cute little Yorkie named Pickles. He thinks he is the king of the house 🙂 Before I had kids I was deeply involved in dog rescue. I used to volunteer in shelters, collect food and supplies, and help screen potential adopters. It was a truly rewarding experience! Although I don’t have much time now to do all the things I used to, I still donate to local shelters and rescues and I teach my kids to do the same 🙂

When clients request to have their puppy included in a newborn session, I treat the dog as I would a toddler. I understand that they won’t always listen to me, won’t always sit where I want them to sit, and will most likely spend the majority of the time exploring my studio. Photos like these require a lot of patience and time and will most likely be a product of several composites 🙂 Most of the time I take several photos of the baby alone in a prop, and then several photos of the puppy next to the prop. Then I merge those photos together. Despite the extra work, the final images are always amazing and among the most cherished.

If you would like to have your furry baby included in your session, please contact me at 908-566-5069 to discuss details. Fur babies are family members too and I would love to photograph them as well.

Morris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn PhotographyMorris County Newborn Photography



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