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Flemington NJ Baby Photo Session

If you like to see some cute Flemington baby photos, then look no further. Abby is here to shower you with cuteness overload. I  met Abby’s parents, Kerri and Dave, two years ago, when I photographed their first baby boy. I was so happy to hear they were expecting again and when Abby was born I could not wait to have her in my studio and play with her. Abby was born at 10 lbs so she was super cute and had the cutest chubby legs and cheeks. She was such a great sleeper that we did an entire session in less than two hours.

Newborn Session

Kerri is such an easygoing person that she let me use my artistic vision and judgment to come up with styles and setups for the session. When I create my setups, I always go with one gender specific one, in this case a pale pink. The next setup is always classic, either ivory, or lace for girls. I also include something fun and trendy, if the parents don’t mind. I usually have more than enough setups for the baby to use, since often we need to improvise and go with what the baby wants and not what we had in mind. Some babies prefer certain positions over others and in those cases we have to use props that are safe for those particular poses. My number one priority is to keep your baby safe and I would never jeopardize that. To see more set ups and beautiful baby images please see my Newborn Gallery.

Abby’s session was amazing and I am so glad I got to meet her and see Kerri and Dave again. I love catching up with my precious clients and I appreciate them coming back to me over and over through the years. Thank you guys and congratulations once again !

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