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Fall is always the favorite season for family photo sessions Hunterdon county NJ. It’s also the busiest season for me and all the other photographers in NJ, especially in our gorgeous county! I mean, who doesn’t like warm weather, soft sun, gold leaves… Sessions like these do not need any props. Nature provides them all and they are beautiful.

Elise and her family were my previous clients. They came to me a year or so before to photograph their little Ethan. Sometimes you meet kids who are just so sweet and innocent that you can seriously feel it. Well, that’s Ethan 🙂 He is just such a genuine, sweet soul; a little shy but so cute and loving.

I met Elise and the boys at the historic farmstead just minutes away from my house. I think it has become quite a popular place for local photographers since there were two others there photographing their clients. I knew them both and consider them friends, so we all took turns taking photos around the structures on the property.

Elise had brought a guitar for Ethan since he loves music and we got a show! I was actually pretty impressed with his skills. He definitely looked like he knew what he was doing playing that instrument 🙂 We also got several photos of him just exploring the site, being a curious little boy, just like he should be 🙂

I love doing family photo sessions Hunterdon county. Not only is it a beautiful place to live and photograph but I get to spend time with wonderful families such as Elise’s. Thank you guys for choosing me to capture these times for you!

If you are interested in family photo sessions Hunterdon county, I am already booking spots for 2016. Call me at 908-566-5069 or email



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