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When Kristen and Ben were looking for a Central NJ Newborn Photographer, they stumbled on my website and fell in love with my style. Being new to this part of NJ, they drove quite a distance on Wednesday morning to bring 7-day-old Kayleigh Ellen for her very first photo session. Kayleigh was a dream 🙂 Such a laid back, calm baby. She let me pose her in almost every single pose I tried (although she did fight me on a froggy pose!) During my pre-session consultation I do tell the parents that I will attempt to do the majority of the poses I show in my galleries, but I will never force the baby into anything I view as unsafe or uncomfortable. As a central New Jersey newborn photographer my first priority is baby’s safety!

Kristen and Ben were so much fun to photograph as well. Love it when parents get in the photos with the baby and I get to play and pose them.  There is such a special connection between new parents and a baby. As incredible as it seems, their love for each other not only grows after the birth of the baby but they develop a greater respect for each other as well. Seeing your wife/ husband  taking care of this tiny little life you’ve both created makes your heart explode with love, respect, and pride. It’s so special to witness and be a part of it.

Congratulations to Kirsten and Ben on this beautiful baby you’ve created! I can’t wait to see you in a few months!

If you are looking for a Central NJ Newborn Photographer please email me at lollipopphoto@aol.com



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