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When my clients were looking for a Somerset county newborn photography, Yellow Lollipop showed up in their feed. Since my studio is located on on the edge of Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties I get clients from everywhere 🙂 I have also had clients drive all the way from Pennsylvania, as well as upstate NY! The longest trip a client made to come to me was 3.5 hours! I so appreciate that!

While some people will drive for hours to get the best deal on Coach bags, or Ugg boots, for others, photos of their loved ones are high priority. They will go above and beyond to obtain the quality professional photographs they desire. Jennifer chose to invest in her daughter’s memories 🙂

The first thing I noticed about Violet were her cheeks! She had the most adorable and squeezable cheeks I have ever seen! Because of her name, we had to create some purple set ups and little missy looked adorable in them! She curled up in every single pose I put her in and slept like a champ.

Of course I got a smile as well 🙂 I swear, every baby that comes to my studio ends up smiling for me! People often ask me how I do it. Honestly I think it’s my voice and my accent. My native language is Polish and we have a lot of shh sounds , which are preferred by babies (reference from The Happiest Baby on the Block book). Haha, I totally just made that up! I have no idea why they smile but I’m glad they do! There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn smile 🙂

Congratulations, Jennifer, on welcoming sweet Violet into your family

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