Raritan NJ Newborn Twins Photographer

How lucky am I to get a chance to photograph not one but two amazing beautiful little girls?! I think every photographer gets a but nervous when getting ready for a twin session. I mean , lets face it- you have to tame 2 tiny human beings all at the same time! Posing newborn twins can be tricky as well since often times one can (and will) wake up the other one and you have to start all over. Well, I am happy to report that I had absolutely no issues with those two cuties! Mia and Sophia were seriously , the sweetest, calmest babies I had in a while. They let me do all the poses and set ups I prepared before the session and we did it all in 3 hours!

In case of twins I always try to photograph them individually and then do few poses together . I think it’s important to give the separate identities. I have chosen Peach for Mia and violet for Sophia and I think that was a great choice since they both looked amazing. Such angels 🙂

Christina and Lou – congratulations to the both of you ! You are blessed beyond belief with 2 amazing , beautiful, sweet and healthy little girls! I can not wait to see you all in few months!



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