Readington Birthday Photos Cake Smash

Oh how I love birthday photos! 1 year olds have so much personality yet still posses the “squishiness” of a little baby 🙂 Just think how amazing the world is in their eyes! Everything is new , colorful, interesting and HUGE!

Anyhow, Liam was no exception to the above description. Cute as a button with a big personality. Since he fell asleep in the car on the way to my studio , he was not in his usual smile-y mood at first but with eyes like his, I did not care the least! Those two huge back eyes had enough spark and curiosity in them to make the photos wow me .

Liam’s favorite toy is Mickey Mouse so I designed a set for his cake smash with reds, black and yellows just like a real Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ! Mommy brought an amazing cake and bought the most adorable outfit for her little man to complete the whole set. Liam LOVED his cake but the best part for him was Mickey’s ear  lol

Happy birthday little man! May your 1st birthday be filled with lots of laughter, family and tons of yummy cake!

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