Family Photo sessions in Readington NJ

***Yellow Lollipop Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, children and family  photography, serving north and central NJ ***

I strongly believe that every single family should have a family photo session . Often times parents, especially moms, tend to shy away from photos …I used to do the same thing! That was until the day when my 5 year old son took a look at the album from our recent family trip and asked me if I was there too…. sad but I wasn’t in any photos 🙁 I realized then that we owe it to our kids to be in the photos with them,  because, you know what? They don’t care if we’ve put 5 extra pounds on, that we didn;t do our nails , our hair is a mess etc…To our kids we are all beautiful , we are their mommies <3




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