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I can honestly say that maternity photography is one of my favorite type …I think that every single woman glows when she is expecting ! I know, I know…some will say that they don’t feel pretty at all, instead have swollen ankles and huge belly. I was there too and sometimes I did not feel attractive,  but every time that little peanut moved and kicked me I would realize that I am indeed AMAZING as I am capable of giving and sustaining life!  That single thought would make me feel like a super woman 🙂 Till this day I regret not having my maternity photos done … I so wish I had ! So to all of you pregnant mommies out there, do it! You are beautiful ! Every mommy is!

Andrea is too! We had so much fun doing her maternity photos as she was modeling all my pregnancy gowns. During the shoot we had quiet an audience as some local beach goers were cheering us on:) She is such a sweet person and such a beautiful woman. As an artist herself, she knew exactly what to do and how to pose and that made my job super easy! Thank you again for being my model Andrea and congratulations once again!

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